|Kristen Cook Newborn Workshop| Newborn Photographer Columbus OH

The day started off great grabbed some breakfast with my husband, hailed a cab(by the time our trip was over I was a pro) & off to the workshop I went in the amazing NYC. The cab driver got lost, my first thought shouldn't you know where you are going if you are a cab driver in this huge city??! Needles to say I had to get out and walk the rest of the way to the workshop & made it right on time (if anyone knows me I'm never early & for once I thought I would be).  From the beginning of the workshop the atmosphere was very peaceful as we sat all in a circle & behind Kristen were these amazing huge windows that you could see all of New York and the sun was just beaming in.  We all went around to introduce ourselves and say something interesting that no one would know, I said I don't like cotton balls :)

We then moved into further discussion that we all encouraged each other and understood what everyone was going through with frustrations or successes. Next the newborn model came & Kristen ran us through a photo session, it was so simple yet complete & lovely. Then we were back to talking business in which was a huge eye opener for me & my business (so much to digest on, but needs to happen). We then hit up Mood Fabrics & had a blast picking out fabrics to use at newborn shoots, I need a fabric shop like that close to me. 

In ONE day I have so many thoughts and plans for Lori Baskin Photography from Kristen Cook's newborn workshop. I came away peaceful and confident in the reason I chose my focus to be in newborn photography. It won't be an easy road to get to my destination, but I'm willing to keep driving until I get there. I also have to know that my style may not be for everyone, but I will connect with my current & future clients & come away more satisfied with my work knowing I'm going in the direction I've envisioned since starting this journey. 

I love every minute of my photography journey. Meeting the families with the new bundles of joy that have been added to their lives & on top of that they have trusted me with capturing this special moment to remember forever. 

 xoxo - Lori