Sisters | Columbus OH Photographer

How can our littles ladies be 5 + 2 years old. Juliana's birthday is 10-25 & Alessia's is 10-26! They have been inseperatble from the moment Juliana entered the world. Alessia is her rock & the one she runs to when she gets in trouble :)

Alessia - loves being a big sister & sometimes think she knows more than we do - she will explain to us what Juliana is trying to say if we don't understand her. Her favorite food is toaster strudels & no shocker her Noodles. She loves cheerleading, gymnastics, & dancing. She ask every morning to watch Curious George. Her favorite thing to do after dinner is ride her Bike that now has a fancy basket she got for her birthday. She loves to read books to her sisters & have us read chapter books at night.

Juliana - loves to SMILE all the time & be silly to make us all laugh. Her favorite food is cereal & any kind of protein especially Chick-fil-a chicken. She loves candy just like her dad & even if we hide it she will find it. She loves naps - has never slept in our bed because she always things it a party and then ask to go back in her bed to sleep. She loves to do anything big sister is doing & is daredevil - if she falls she hops right back up & says I OK :) She has two favorite things & they are to play by herself when sister is at school because isn't being told what to do & ride her princess motor bike up & down the street.

We love you girls to the moon & back!