Brand Photography | Maya's Curls

When we moved back to Ohio in 2014 our friends told me about their cousin's business & how we needed to connect. Here we are in 2016 (only took a little bit of time) - Juliet & I met up to talk about our businesses - only a few times we got off topic ;). We had an instant connection & I have enjoyed working with her on this shoot to capture her handcrafted head pieces. 

Maya's Curls headbands are stunning & beautifully made.  She described her process of making the headbands & mask, that she knows when a piece should go in a certain spot. Her mind works all over the place, but they come together like they were meant to all be there (every artist can relate to this)

Thank you to Annette Ferraro Photography for also photographing & having Lilias & Love send her amazing boho dresses that the three little ladies wore for the shoot - they really brought the shoot together. 

Make sure to check out Maya's Curls website for all of her hand crafted items.