DIY Project ~ |State Nail Art|

I'm all about DIY gifts for Christmas and I thought I would start early this year working on some. This was one of my projects I had pinned from pinterest (you can follow me here). I was kind of in disbelief on how much they are charging on etsy for these. I figured I could do this on my own. From start to finish with the paint drying I would say it took me about 3 hours which I thought it was going to take me weeks :). 

You can get all the materials at 2 locations Michaels & any hardware store. I found the map on google images, printed, and cut out. Overall this cost around $10 because of coupons I used at Michaels. 


9 X 12 - wooden board

Acrylic Paint (any color)

Paint Brush

Crochet Thread (any color)

Home Depot

Wire Nails #18 X 5/8" size 1.75 


Step 1: - Paint the board any color you like. 

Step 2 - Tape down the map

Step 3 - Hammer nails around the map outline. You do want to keep the nails close, but not too close because you need to be able to weave the string through. 

Step 4 - Remove map & mark the spot for where you will want to place the center heart. 

Step 5 - Nail a heart in the middle of a location that means something to you or the person you are making this for. 

Step 6 - Tie a knot in your starting nail on the outside and begin to weave thru each nail to the middle of the heart until you go around each nail. Then tie a knot on the last nail. 


I hope you all enjoy this very easy DIY nail art and you don't have to do a state you can do whatever design you would like.     I always think DIY gifts are the most thoughtful gifts.