Baskin Bambino #2 {Pregnancy Reveal}

Valentine's Day couldn't have been any more special for us because we found out we are due with bambino #2!

I got this idea because my family always do scratch-offs for Christmas and whenever we are on road trips we try to buy them in different states. So, I wanted to do a scratch-off card for all of our friends & family to find out we are pregnant. Jessica at Modern Moments came up with this amazing card that will be offered in her shop. I had planned on making my own sratch-off paint. What was I thinking & I've been very sick blaaa, that would have been very time consuming to paint each circle for over 30 cards. So, Jessica found these amazing stickers from an etsy shop My Scratch Off Labels.

You can see below how easy the whole process is and such a creative way for friends & family to find out about the new addition to anyones family.


Photos: LB Photography

Card/address labels: Modern Moments Designs

Scratch-off stickers: My Scratch Off Labels