American Girl Birthday!

For Alessia's 6th birthday she got to pick a place to eat & go to the American Girl Store to pick out her doll. Last week we dropped off the adorable invites my best friend Taylour made with a balloon attached. 


Younger sister Juliana makes life so easy when we are in hurry #saidnooneever. She first got mad about where her seat would be in the car & then that sister was going to sit in the back - it took us 10 minutes to get out of our own driveway. We got a sitter for Milania knowing it would be past her bed time.  Finally we were off to pick up Alessia's friends. We are all picked up, everyone in their seats. Juliana buckled in for the 5th time & not throwing a fit because she is in awww of Alessia's friends & listens to everything they say. The conversations the girls all had consisted of not liking weddings because you have to kiss, being a witch or a referee for halloween, how many American Girl dolls each one has, & they aren't old enough to have driver license so of course we have to drive them to do this stuff. 

This is the first time Jonah has been around Alessia with her friends & it's like he entered a whole different world that he wasn't aware of. I know Alessia was so excited to have him along for this fun night & it may seem really girly, but he has 3 girls he doesn't have a choice :) 

Alessia wanted pizza, so we hit up California Pizza kitchen since it's walking distance to American Girl Store. They all ordered lemonades & dad a Beer (something to make him still feel manly). Cheese pizza & salad for everyone. Opened gifts while we waited for food & hit up the bathroom many times. Talked about what everyone wants for Christmas (Renee + Michelle i've got a list:). Now we are off to the American Girl store. 


The girls wanted to bolt out the door, but Juliana wouldn't be left behind & made sure to let them all know to slow down. As we crossed the street, we came to the front of the store to take photos with our polaroid for each one of the girls to take a photo home. 


The door opened and we were ready to embrace the next chapter we are entering with Alessia. Greeted by a lovely worker who helped guide us with the process even though Alessia had her mind set on the Truly Me doll. We learned about the hair brush you should only use on the doll & then she picked out her one outfit. The friends were so helpful & excited for Alessia - they planned AG play dates already. We were totally surprised Juliana didn't throw a fit to get one herself.  As we checked out they asked if she wanted the doll out of the box - but of course!!  Seriously my heart melted the minute she got to hold the doll it was beyond what words could describe - she has talked, bugged, nagged us endlessly about this & her moment was finally here! 


The cafe was closed so we headed to Steak & Shake drive-thru to get milkshakes. We sang happy birthday in the car & jammed out to music on the drive home. It was a perfect night in every way. 

Happy Birthday AEB we love you!