House Remodel | Kitchen

We want to take you along on our journey of remodeling our house. 

We have been living in our house for 2.5 yrs. I knew before we even bought the house the potential we had to turn this place into a house that reflected our style. We are excited to have Kristin with KristinMarieDesign to help with this whole process because we know what we want this place to look like, but have a hard to time getting there without a professional interior designer advice.  I am very thankful we have taken our time to really figure out how we like living in this house & what we want the flow to be. 

Here is the run down or at least my hopes & dreams of what will be accomplished by this summer. We will be discussing the amazing things + the hard times because it wouldn't be a remodel without some tears. The last time we did this I was 8 months pregnant & we were moving into the home - we did the girls bathroom, that about put me into labor :)

- master bath (January)

- Windows (February)

- kitchen (March/April)

Kitchen Update

We decided to go with Ikea cabinets because of price & style. We have hired on Craft Tech Contractor Services.  I then went into Ikea to schedule the design day at our house. It was amazing their 3rd party vendor comes to your house does all the measurements & puts together the design with what you want. Kristen from Traemand would ask questions to help guide which cabinets should be placed where. 

After we had the layout in place - we were given the total & scheduled for an install date. It's crazy to think but we did this in November & they are already schedule out to March for install (make sure you plan accordingly if you don't plan on installing the cabinets on your own). 

Below is the style we are going for with the Kitchen. Black, White, & natural elements because we want the wood mantel above the fire place to connect with the kitchen. The GE Cafe black slate is what surprised me that Jonah really liked the idea & it doesn't show finger prints (YESSS)! 

With all of the kitchen items on hold - we will be moving on to our master bath until the time comes to live without a kitchen. Advice is always welcome! 

*Ikea tip - I was in a panic we missed the Ikea kitchen event, but Kristen informed me as long as we have the friends & family card you have 90 days before or after the event to get the 15% discount. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 3.56.48 PM.png