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Podcast with Gregg owner of BeautyCounter (click here

I feel like I freak out about different stuff especially when it comes to our health & well being. When friends we know are passing away from cancer & we don't know the cause of it. I want to do everything in my power to make better decisions for my family in order to say I TRIED MY HARDEST to give them the best options for a healthy lifestyle. I'm rarely perfect & every day is a battle because I am loosing more & more control over my kids & their decisions, but I feel like if I choose smarter options for them it will show them how to eventually go off on their own to make smarter choices for their own life. I also hope & pray every day they will get to enjoy life to its fullest!

I know it takes a village to raise kids, make a difference in the world, & to make a huge change in what is being given to us & what we put on our bodies. From the moment I heard about BeautyCounter I was hesitant because I didn't want to be apart of one of the groups that is constantly selling on social media beauty items. After a year of sitting on it finally decided to dive in feet first because after hearing this podcast I knew it was a sign to join this amazing movement. Everyone in the group has been so encouraging. They will help you in anyway to figure out a formula that will work for your skin & it is in the most clean & healthiest way. 

There was a comment on my Facebook group a few nights ago about possibly her father's cancer being cause by skincare chemicals & it made me have that freak out moment. I felt terrible & sad that I had wished there was a Beautycounter movement inorder to help give the option of cleaner safer products to be used at the time. 

I'm not here to pursed you that you need to buy any of this stuff, but if you are the littlest bit curious about the products & how they have banned over 1,500 questionable or harmful chemicals - I hope you check it out the podcast above because it's a great story. 

If you ever have any questions I would be happy to answer or research the certain items you are using to see how they compare!