Magic Kingdom - Day 2

Magic Kingdom for a whole day!!! We got here at 7:45! We did the count down to open the park - however I thought there was something more special like a performance for this, but I was wrong.

We went straight to Chapeau to make Mickey Ears for all the girls (I have photos with all of them in their ears to come).

I took photos of Alessia in her #5 shirt that her Aunt Nini made. It's so special that every year she makes a shirt for the girls for me to eventually put into a blanket. Alessia was cranky and hungry at this point so I forced her to smile & act like she was having a wonderful time. I think if I could go back I would have started our trip at Magic Kingdom day 1 to have her in the best of moods & excited!

We had our photo taken by some of the photographers along Main Street - the crane showed up in Jonah's head on the first photos - so of course I forced everyone to take another closer to the castle. I then snapped a few more of Alessia on my camera before we headed to our breakfast reservations at Be Our Guest.

Walt Disney + Mickey

Before we had even walked through the castle, Alessia the night before remembered the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel & wanted to ride it before we went to eat - of course NO LINE so why not!!

We headed to Be Our Guest for breakfast. You walked through the grand entrance into a the room where you place your order & you receive a rose to put at your table for the meal to be delivered. There are 3 rooms - 1. the grand ballroom where Alessia chose to eat 2. Belle + The Beast dancing in the middle 3. The Rose room - which is a very dark. I personally wasn't impressed with the breakfast, but have heard the lunch/dinner is better.

FP+ to see Cinderella and Tangled - I'm so happy we had this because we only waited 5 minutes to go see them. As we came out from seeing the princesses - the step sisters had arrived & a line formed to take photos with them, so we jumped in that line. They are very entertaining and Alessia loves them after this whole trip.

Finally time to start riding the rides - Dumbo was first because the T-cups were down for repair :( We even convinced Jonah to go on even though he wasn't a fan of them he at least tried. Now I didn't plan the rides accordingly to what location we were in because I wanted to leave it up to Alessia - let's just say we were all over the place.

Next was Winnie the Pooh & I highly suggest getting a FP+ for this unless you care about waiting 45 mins+ to ride a 5 minute ride :)

We then headed over to Frontierland to go on Splash Mountain because on my app it said the wait was 15 mins. I had forgotten about all the little hills you go down before the big drop & Alessia loved the ride!

On over to AdventureLand - we first stopped to get the DoleWhip ice cream at Alhoa Isle (Alessia and I split this as 1 snack & asked for another cup to put it in). It was so good & a great snack to have while waiting in line for Pirates of the Caribbean.

We did all of this to kill time before our FP+ for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (which I highly recommend getting a FP+ for this because I saw the line was up to a 70 min wait). If we had more time I would have gotten another FP+ for this ride because it was so much fun! Again we forced Jonah to try the ride :)

There was no wait to see Tinker Bell - so we stopped to see her - she talks so fast & Alessia couldn't stop laughing.  On to grab lunch at 2:45??? One reason we were very thankful to have just Alessia because with the younger kids that would have never worked.

We decided to try Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe - the portions are huge & if we weren't all starving we could have split the food, but I was not in the mood for anyone to get hangry.

After our late lunch we decided to wait in line to see Ariel - however we totally missed Brave right across from the Cafe because she wasn't to be back for another 20 minutes & we weren't willing to wait because the line had already gotten long (always next time)

After waiting for 45 minutes to see Ariel we needed something to do that was sitting down and relaxing. We went to Mickey's Philharmagic that had no wait. It was so much fun - I wish it lasted longer.

We were walking around and heard the performance going on - walked to the front of the castle & enjoyed the show with all the princesses + pirates.

After this we had reservations at The Crystal Palace but not until 7:30 - Alessia kept saying she didn't want to see Winnie the Pooh or Tiger (now that we are home she keeps asking to go see them - go figure). I went up & asked if we could get in earlier but they were booked, so we got to cancel with no charge & headed back to the hotel. At this point - we should have gone back for a nap & then come back to MK for the reservations.