Snugli Review {Stroller}

First off it’s the coolest thing when you reconnect with a High School friend on such an amazing opportunity. That’s where this whole Snugli project started; my friend Alysha Gray who works for Evenflo contacted me about this fabulous collaboration for LB Boutique, Snugli, and 6 other shops. If you know me I love to shop and the last thing I want to wear or push around is something that has letters or too many color combinations. That’s where Snugli products have hit the mark by not making me sacrifice my style to be a mom. I know this also may be because the designer of these items is Jennifer Delonge, the wife of Blink 182's guitarist. Click here to check out her website. 

When we go on walks Jonah and I always take turns pushing the stroller because we normally have the 2 dogs with us. We both love how easy the handle adjust while still in mid walk because Jonah would like it higher than me. When we switch we don't have to stop to get everything back in order for whom ever is pushing. I also love how the front handle bar can come off from one side for Alessia to be able to get out on her own. We don't have to try and lift/slide her out and her feet normally get stuck or we jam her knees into the front bar.

The stroller we like to call at home the Cadillac Stroller because it drives so smooth. My daughter Alessia loves how she sits up high and can turn to face us when we are on a walk to talk about the day. We have the quilted pattern because to me it was a classic look for a stroller. However, the hardest part was picking which style set we wanted. The great thing is we could always order another to switch the style set out because I’m the type of person that re-arranges my furniture more than 2 times a year (my husband loves me when I have new arraignment ideas). I do wish there was a cup holder and a zipper pocket for when we go on walks and I don't want to bring my purse or leave my keys in the bottom storage. However, we love this stroller and will recommend this brand to anyone. 


If you have a baby shower coming up, a brother or sister with a little one, have your own little bambino on the way.

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Headband: LB Boutique

Photography: LB Photography