Snugli Review {High Chair)

I love all WHITE decor with some color accents and what a better match for this than with the Snugli High Chair. We went with the orange geo because I felt as though orange is a very gender neutral color and as much as pink is growing on me I still can't commit to pink items for Alessia. Before we received the high chair, we had been using the Stokke White High Chair. We love the Stokke because Alessia can climb up it on her own and be at the same level as the table. However, Snugli's HC can be moved to over 5 different heights and you don't have to use the tray, just put them in the correct level and slide up to the table.

This was another easy to assemble item from Snugli that it doesn't have on the directions 2 people and a tool (IKEA always has this:)

The great thing about Snugli's HC is that it comes with a tray and a tray cover.  Alessia loves to feed herself and it ends up all over the place when she sits at the table, but with Snugli she can mess everything up and all I have to do is remove the tray or the orange geo cover and wash. She will never stop feeding the dogs no matter what she sit in :)


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