Kensi {1 yr & family photos}, Milwaukee WI Photographer

Meet Miss 1 yr old Kensi Engels!

Kensi's mom and I have known each other since we were in elementary school & have shared so many memories. We happen to be back in Ohio over Memorial Day weekend and timing worked out perfect for us to setup a photo shoot.

Our location was perfect for Kensi because all she wanted to do was explore and walk everywhere. She was a great sport with it being early in the morning and a little bit chilly. Thank you to Swoon Soiree for the flower background we used with the adorable heart bench from my mother in law & my sister-in-law Anissa for being my assistant. I loved being able to capture Kensi's personality & her little details like her eyes, feet, & hands. These are things you want to capture so you never forget how tiny they were. At the end of the photo shoot I was able to capture family photos for the Holbrooks. This session meant so much to me to be able to capture Mrs. Holbrook with her daughters, grandkids, & all the special men that have come into the ladies lives <3