This is MY year!

Did you give it your all? Did you have fun? Was it worth all the ups and downs? Do you feel as though you are impacting others lives in a positive way?

A huge leap I made this year was to stop my LB Boutique headband kits starting on December 1. As much as I loved creating the items it was taking me away from what I really enjoyed/had a passion for. I found myself getting frustrated when I was getting orders out to customers because it wasn't my style anymore, but I knew it was important to them. I was trying to balance my photography, the headband kits, & the girls schedules. I asked myself all of the questions above and I could only answer yes to a few. 

I had to put that in at the past & realize what will make me happy....

My soul yearns to be able to photograph a story from a birth, wedding, or a business. 2016, I can only think of the positives because each year I feel as though there are the negatives, but I can't dwell on those or I would never be able to continue on with this business because it would eat me alive. I truly loved the past year of being able to capture all of my clients in their element. 


To keep it very simple - I want to work harder, learn film, work on the blog about my family life with three girls, try to have a better work life balance, and HAVE FUN!!!

"Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what you excites you." Oprah

Shirt: Truman Brands 

Thank you so much to my husband for taking the photos + the crew behind the scenes #baskinsisters