The question I should be asking myself is why are just now we meeting again since high school??? 

I have always been drawn to film photos, but never dove into getting a film camera besides my dad's old nikon that ended up needing some work. Nicole Clarey Photography posted she was hosting a film workshop in Columbus, OH & I knew I needed to attend. I figured this would help me decide if I really wanted to dive into introduction film into more of my photo sessions. Jonah was out of town & I text him at midnight asking if he cared if I bought this Canon EOS V1 film camera. He responded you should get it & there I was on amazon at midnight full of nerves & I clicked quick purchase so I wouldn't back out. 

We were away on vacation at Disney World when the camera arrived & the person watching our house text me to say IT ARRIVED!!!! I couldn't wait to get home to my new partner in crime. 

The next week was the workshop & I arrive at Zurie Coworking not sure what I was doing or why I thought this was a great idea. All I could think was that I'm going to waste all this money on the film & camera because nothing will turn out. I put on my game face & told my self in order to grow you have to get out of your comfort zone. 

The styled shoot was simply perfect down to the lovely pink wall. I loved that during the workshop you had your own time with the couple to capture them in front of the camera. 

Fast Forward 9 days later & I'm pressing refresh over & over in my email waiting on the film scans to come thru. Of course while I'm driving back from Beavercreek they arrive. The minute I got out of the car with the girls I bolted to the computer & was in awwww of how they turned out. I get really excited for my new journey with photography & the film side. Follow along with me on my INSTAGRAM page of this amazing time! 

Camera: Canon EOS V1   Film: Fuji400 H    Film Lab: PhotoVision


Vendors that Rocked the Styled Shoot

Location @zuriecoworking
Flowers @evergreenflowerco 
Stylist @eventshelddear
Dress @blovedbridal
Ribbon @thelesserbear
Stationary @inkwellandco 
Rings @trumpetandhorn
Hair & Makeup @blushedbyvictoria