Epcot - Day 3

It was a bit chilly waiting on the bus that morning to head to Epcot - but Jonah & I were looking forward to traveling the world and tasting all the fun drinks & food. Epcot was great to go to the day after MK to have more a relaxed environment. 

We got to enter early into the park for our reservations at Akershus House for breakfast with the Princesses. This was one of our favorite meals - endless amounts of bacon. The buffet was delicious - they do bring out a plate of bacon, sausage, eggs, & hasbrowns (you an ask for more at anytime). Alessia was so excited to see so many princesses in one place. They even brought her a cupcake with a card signed by all the princesses (if you are celebrating a birthday anytime of the year, even if it isn't on their actual birthday - let Disney know & they will make it a trip to remember). Alessia still has the card in her desk at home <3

As we were walking to start our FP+ in FUTURE WORLD because WORLD SHOWCASE didn't open until 11am - Alessia brought it to our attention that she never got to see Princess Tiana (she was on a princess kick after eating breakfast with all of them! Jonah & I both looked at each other like are you kidding me - she started to wine & say she didn't want to do anything else but see Tiana. So we chose to not listen to that the rest of the day & go hop on the monorail, head over to MK, go see Tiana and be back by 11 for the other part of Epcot to open. 

It was fun to ride the monorail & it took us an hour to get to MK, see Tiana, & make it back to Epcot. All worth it because then Alessia was in a better mood for us to travel the world. 

Another cool part about taking the monorail back is we got to loop all the way around Epcot!

*we had hopper passes & so worth the money to be able to go to different parks in the same day because in the end this trip was all for Alessia & whatever she wanted to do we were along for the ride. 

Time to travel the world - I think Jonah may have been more excited for this part than Alessia because we started off in England with some good beers.

Make sure to pick up Duffy the Bear (this is Mickey's bear that he takes along on his trips) - Each country has a station to color & have your child's name written in that language by an employee from that country. 

We missed seeing Mary Poppins, but snapped a photo of her walking away. Alessia really liked the street band & even showed off some of her dance moves. 

As we were walking she got to see Princess Aurora & then we were off to France. We met another Alessia in Paris & they took a selfie together. Next was Italy - when Alessia was decorating Duffy the employee asked her name & she pronounced it A-LAS-SIA. Of course Alessia caught on & told us we had been pronouncing her name wrong & insisted since she is Italian we say it how they say in Italy :)

Near our last stop in China we met Mulan! We finished around 2:30 with a Mickey Ice Cream & headed back to the hotel for a nap before going to Bibbity Bobbity Boutique & dinner at 1900 Park Fare. 

I think next time we go - Jonah & I would love to have a date night in Epcot to try one of their restaurants & enjoy the fireworks.