Bibbity Bobbitt Boutique + 1900 Park Fare

After an eventful day at Epcot we went back to the hotel for a quick nap. Then headed to Downtown Disney (disney springs) to Bibbity Bobbity Boutique. Since I scheduled our trip only a month before we went the one in Cinderella's Castle was booked - I did try calling back a few times to see if they had any cancellations. However this was great for us to see a different part of Disney and take a break from the parks. 

Alessia had a blast at BBB - we walked up to check in for our reservation & they gave us a buzzer to wait to be called. While we waited we headed to the dressing room to change in to her costume. I had secretly asked her before we left if she could pick any princess to be which one & she said Anna. On many blogs I had read to buy your costume on amazon or in a Disney store before you go to save some money. 

The buzzer went off and we then headed in to BBB. Her fairy god mother picked her up to take her to her seat. She then gave her a sheet & asked her which hair style she would like. I was not allowed to pick or I would have gone with the cute little bun (I was thinking how easy it would be to take out when we got home), oh now we go for the color hair to be added + braids. Of course when we got home she was complaining her head hurt :)

There is a photographer there who takes your wrist band and leave it on the stand next to your child & will come around a lot to snap photos the whole time. At the end her fairy god mother sprinkled pixie dust & turned her around to the mirror to see the new princess! Alessia was all smiles & was so happy. At the end you get a cute little bag to take all your goodies home & then she signed a princess book.

The front desk then informed us before we were leaving that if you go to a certain spot in Disney Springs she can get a photo shoot done all dresses up. Alessia was basically running there! The photographer was so fun & made Alessia laugh the whole time. I wish they would have just had a white background (the photographer in me) to make the photos look a little more up to date, but it was a great experience and she loved it! 

We were then off to 1900 Park Fare to eat with Cinderella and her family. 

We arrived at the Grand Floridian to check in for our reservation - to be told there would be a 30 minute wait because they had a party of 50 arrive an hour before that. Thankfully I had some snacks in our bag to help get us through that wait. It was fun to hang out in the lobby and look around the shops before they were ready to seat us. 

We walked through the doors and Alessia was in awww of seeing Cinderella & all of her family in one room. She was so excited. We were seated & told about how the whole process works of the family coming around to each table. The best part was that they actually took the time to chat with Alessia and not just sign her book, take a picture, and leave. Alessia loved Anastasia - they would make silly faces at each other & she sat with her for a good 5 minutes talking about her day.  The food was really good & buffet style - it was hard to make her concentrate on eating but Jonah and I didn't have a problem :) 

The dinner was a perfect way to end our time in Disney World. We headed back to the hotel after a very long day. I decided to cancel our reservations in the morning to eat with Lilo & Stitch because we wanted to sleep in for one day & get ourselves packed up for journey home. I kept telling myself there is always next time! 

That morning when we headed home - we were ready to go but also not at the same time. The bus ride meant we were headed back to reality :) A few extra photos that I forgot to include are below. 

Home Sweet Home! 

 The other 2 little ladies were so excited to see Alessia & us! Alessia dove right in to giving them their gifts! Thank you so much to my parents for watching the younger 2 & giving us the chance to spend quality time with our 1st baby :)

Until next time Disney!!!!