Preschool Graduation

Alessia made it through preschool and is more than ready for Kindergarten next year. We are very proud of her and all the new friends she has made in just one year from being at Bears Preschool. We are forever grateful for the 3 preschools she has attended - first being in Milwaukee, WI, second Boulevard Church in Grandview, and Bears Preschool in Upper Arlington. I felt like this was a huge day for her & she loves surprises so I contacted Columbus Yard Greetings to come setup CLASS of 2029 sign in our yard. She was so excited and couldn't stop talking about them. 

I have no idea how she handles all the changes over her short little 5 years of being here. Even if she is a little shy at first or hesitates whenever trying something new, she always adjust and is so happy.

The past 2 weeks all she has practiced is her graduation songs over and over, but come to her ceremony today and she wouldn't walk thru the door with the rest of the class. I truly appreciate the teachers caring for her when she is scared. After calming down she came and sat with us for the songs. I of course cried because I know how bad she wanted to get up there but she couldn't & just wanted her to be happy during this fun exciting time for her & her classmates. The teachers presented each student with a hand written note & a goody bag that meant the world to her and she couldn't stop smiling after we read her the note tonight. 

For the final song she did go sit behind the piano with Mrs. Sutton the music teacher & was all smiles when taking pictures with her classmates. 

GME took us to Cambridge Tea House to celebrate summer time! The girls love being able to pick out headbands and act like they are having a tea party. Juliana wasn't happy when she found out they didn't have mac n cheese on the menu, but ended up eating all of my soup & half go GME's sandwich. We then went to the park for a little bit before naps. It was a great day even with the little hiccups :) 

I'm not sure I'm ready for summer with the no routine & keeping the girls busy. Each summer I tell myself to make the best of it & I'm going to be taking my camera along more to capture this important time in their lives!!!