Columbus Metropolitan Library

We ventured to the Columbus Metropolitan Library today & it was a full day of emotions to say the least. 

This library is gorgeous on the inside & outside - if you haven't had a chance to stop in you better. When you park in the parking garage try to get level 5 because it drops you right off at the kids library level. We then went out front to snag a photo of the kids before we went in to explore. The details of the marble floor to the art work hung on the ceilings were great to enjoy.

We entered the kids library section & everyone was off to explore. We found the fun bus to play on, the fish tank to see if Finding Dory was in there, the color station that has a huge window to look out over the city, & the iPad/computer stations. We were greeted by the friendly staff to inform us when story time & other fun events will be held. 

Juliana then started to throw her fit of wanting to eat lunch at 9:45am & everyone probably through out the whole library heard. We decided to walk around for a bit in the stroller so we didn't ruin everyone's time in the library. We came back and I got Milania out to walk around but Juliana stayed in the stroller to have snack.

We then decided to head out the park area - few minutes pass & I start searching for Milania thinking I had gotten her out of the stroller outside to go play in the fun tree all the littles were in, but I didn't see her feet. I bolted back into the library realizing I had left her in the kids section. Of course every thing flashes thru your mind - did she walk out, did someone take her, is she still there - such a sick & scary feeling to go through. I know we have lost Juliana a few times at our own home, but that because she was hiding. I'm running into the kids section & I come around the corner the librarian is walking her around & reading a book. When I held her, I started to cry immediately because I felt like a horrible mom for being to consumed by Juliana's fit & me texting. I came walking out and Jan was right behind me to see if I needed anything - I said a drink :) lol. I always like to deflect any serious situation with a joke, but man I was shaken up by all of that & couldn't wrap my head around if something were to have happened.

I couldn't stop thanking the librarians for being so sweet about everything in a time of chaos.

After everything settled we had lunch outside on the patio until the girls were ready to head home for naps. It was a stressful day, but we got thru it and were about to head home just needed to pay for the parking pass (for the 3 hrs that we were there it only cost us $1.00). Juliana kept asking to hold the pass so I let her and told her not to loose it, well we get to the car and thought she put it in the center console. I kept asking her where she placed it, but she put her hands over her mouth and wouldn't say a word. This went on for a good 2 minutes - until I lifted up a sip cup and it was underneath it. 

We all took long naps!!!