JBB - First Day of Preschool

I thought this day would never get here - after Alessia started a month a go! Juliana is so excited to be starting preschool. We have heard every day "I start in skool in 2 weeks". She got the same backpack as big sister & picked out a puff ball to match. 

From the time we had kids I said I wouldn't buy them a lot of character stuff (unless the grand parents get them every once in awhile). I stood my ground really hard with our first. Juliana has completely taken over & I gave in this time to buy her peppa pig shoes that were meant for her birthday in October, but I'm terrible at hiding things! 

She has two of the sweetest teachers & her first day consisted of painting, making a fruit loop letter, & playing on the play ground. 

Favorites (color - pink, food - cereal, TV Show - mickey mouse, Sport - swimming, Wants to be a gymnasts when she grows up)

Juliana Bree Baskin we are so excited for your first day of school & hope you continue to love it.