Disney with Three Little Ones

Three kids under the age of 6 & we had the best time. We are very thankful my parents could join us for this trip because having 2 extra people to help was great. 

We had just been to Disney the year before with only our oldest (BLOG). I stuck to kind of the same game plan from that trip because I didn't want stress about stuff we didn't know about yet. However we did end up changing a few things along the way and it worked out perfect. 

When you are bringing more than one child, I feel like a little extra planning can help ease your mind about navigating the parks & making the most of your time & money. The biggest thing I did was organize all of their clothes in ziplock bags that had written on them day & which park (Disney style blog HERE)

  • Rent a Double Stroller - we used Magic Strollers
  • Stay on the Monarail if it fits in your budget. We knew we didn't want to have to break down the stroller & take everything out each time. I knew we would have to if we want to Hollywood Studios, Disney Springs, or Animal Kingdom, but we only planned on going to Hollywood Studios. We stayed at Grand Floridian & a little tip we figured out go to Magic Kingdom on the Monorail & come back on the boat :)  
  • Pack extra clothes for the parks - I knew sometimes bathroom lines could be long or one of them could spill something so we had a ziplock bag (underwear & change of clothes). I didn't want them to get upset if something happen or have to try to get back to the hotel & then back to the park again. 
  • Snacks I had planned on ordering snacks from Amazon prime to be delivered to our room, however my parents were driving & I sent the extras with them. 
  • External Chargers for some reason the parks suck your battery when you are using the app. Our external chargers were so helpful. We got ours from Costco. 
  • Meal Plan again if your budget allows for this it was amazing to have & now with the extra snack it was the right amount with even a little extras to spare at the end for fun items to get. 
  • Ziplock bags - we would take any extra food from our meals & the girls would snack on this while we moved on to our next spot.  
  • FastPass we only went on rides we could get a Fast Pass for because I was not going to try & stand in a long line with all three,  besides to see characters. 
  • Plan a day to sleep in & then go to the parks for night time. I wish we would have done this instead of trying to wake up every morning because I feel like the girls would have been in better moods getting one morning to relax. It didn't help our weather was very cold for the time of year so in order to stay warm we needed to go when the sun was out. 
  • Signature Books - this time I went to Staples had them cut the card stock & bind the books. My friend Lauren then used her circuit to make the front design. 
  • I had a reservation at Bibbity Bobbity Boutique but the week before I ended up cancelling because when we brought our oldest the year before I remembered how chaotic it was even though it was a fabulous experience - I wasn't ready to do that with three girls in tow. While we were walking to the monorail one morning in our hotel (Grand Floridian), I saw a salon & a little girl getting her hair done. The concierge called to get information & I was very excited they do the same options that they have at BBB besides buying the accessories, but we didn't have to leave our hotel & we could go down to our reservations at 1900 Park Fare right after. 

Thank you to FairyTale Adventures for helping us making the vacation possible.

Thank you to the following people: Truman Brands for getting the shirt printed in such short notice! Lauren for doing the girls signature books. 

Where should we go next????!