Found my first gray hair???!

Found my first gray hair before going to bed. I was in denial it has to be from when I got my hair dyed back in October - right??? Only this piece was on the top of my head and no way could it not have changed its root color by now :(

Then I laid down to go to bed but couldn't stop thinking about getting older. It sometimes terrifies me. I think about what Jonah and I will look like, what will be doing, what will we laugh about & how we will still think we are young but we aren't. When we lay next to each other will he still not snore or because he's getting older will he start snoring?

The time hop app & Facebook memory always get me as well - when photos from 3,5,6 years ago pop up and you are expected to be joyful about them. I first get sad that it has been that long since the picture was taken, then happy it was taken, & start thinking why is time going by so quickly and we can't do anything about it?

I never want things to change but I get excited with the new experiences the girls are getting to do the older they are getting & the new lessons they are teaching us everyday. I never thought parenthood would teach me so much in 6 years, but one thing I wish it would do is not give me gray hairs!

Then I think about my grandparents and how they still laughed later on in life and looked at each other as though they were still that young couple that feel in love many years ago. You just have to cherish the moments you have at the age you are because soon they will be a distant memory.

Do you ever think about things & can't go so sleep? I have started writing every time this happens & it helps me fall asleep. 

Photo cred: Jenny Haas Photography