Easter Baskets

I love Easter because of the spring time colors, dying easter eggs, going to church with the family, all the amazing food, & watching the girls race around to find the easter eggs. I love getting items for the girl's Easter Baskets that they will use & not so much candy. I always put one item that's the same & last year was sweet water sandals. Is there something you always enjoy putting in your kids Easter Baskets?

  • We love to get the girls something they have to go do - I decided to get the two older girls tickets to James & the Giant Peach at the Columbus Children's Theater
  • EZPZ Happy Mats!!! Are amazing & I found them at the Never Grow Up Boutique in Grove City or on their website EZPZfun
  • Swing Dress by June & January - I love this dress because it's so soft & can be worn year round
  • Gathre Mat - You can take this leather mat & use it anywhere. I currently use mine under the high chair of our youngest (it makes for an easy clean up). I also bring it along to photoshoots to use as a blanket. 
  • Alphabet Cards on Brickyard Buffalo - they have an amazing deal on the cards that can go anywhere with your little ones. 
  • Hair Bow by Wunderkin Co are adorable & she has a wide variety of style that make it so easy to pick one to go with your littles outfit.