Summer BREAK

We are on the count down to summer break!!!!  

Which brings me to the word BREAK: to take a pause in work or activity.

We have been go, go, go this year! Half day kindergarten made me feel like I could only accomplish one task in the morning before I had to go back to school to pick up Alessia. Along with the extra sports & activities we did this year was too much.

I have been telling myself I want to cherish these last few weeks before she tells me she is a 1st Grader & that I want to have a relaxing summer of an open schedule where we don't have to follow a strict schedule. Disclaimer *we will see how I do with all of this at the end of the summer I could be eaten my words & wishing I would have sent them to more.

Last night while at dinner with one of my friend's moms - the topic came up about summer camps for the kids to attend. I realized I haven't signed the girls up for anything this summer.  I asked her advice of when we were younger how much did she sign her daughters up for? She said when they started to get older, they did more camps. 

I  know how much we can handle as a family & parents. We have a lot going on this summer: Jonah doing his two weeks for reserves in Milwaukee + we are photographing a wedding up there, going to Savannah to do newborn photos, making our way back to Atlanta to hang out with my brother & his family & meeting Jonah in Nashville for a soccer game with friends.  I want to have nothing on the schedule so we can go to the pool when we want, have play dates, ride bikes if it's nice, movie day if it's raining, & explore new parks (which helps me find new places for photos shoots). My neighbor also mentioned tonight about checking out things to do this summer in Columbus, OH & writing out a calendar so we have options & don't miss out on something fun (love love this idea).

I normally am not excited about summer, but this year I AM!! Also, as much as I love our van we need a break from each other. 

What do y'all do for summer break? What fun blogs do you look at to do stuff locally?