Magic Kingdom - Day 1

After a much needed nap - woke up refreshed & headed to Magic Kingdom for the night. Alessia picked this dress knowing she was going to meet her favorites!  

Anna + Elsa here we come!!!

We went during the parade & fire works (I read on a blog that it's the best time to go meet characters). I don't think we could have planned it any better though because if we would have waited until the next day - we would have wasted a lot of time waiting in line to see them.

We waited a total of 40 minutes (all of the FP+ were gone for this, so I knew it wasn't going to be quick), but it was great to talk with other people in line about things to do the next day. We met another great couple & the husband works for the military, that helped pass time. 

The photographer said hold up a #5 for Alessia's birthday & then she made that face???? Oh then into the let's kiss & say gross!!! 

I don't think I mentioned that when I called over the phone to make reservations - they asked if we were celebrating anything special - I said our daughter's birthday! Well I had no clue everything they did to make her feel special! She first received a button that said Happy Birthday & wrote her name. Everyone who saw the button would wish her a happy birthday - including characters & princesses :)

This brought back so many memories from when I went as a kid & now to have brought our own daughter was such a blessing to experience it all together. She kept yelling....Cinderella - Cinderella are you in there?!!!

As we made our way through Main Street & the crowd getting ready for the parade - just on the other side of Cinderella's castle at Princess Fairytale Hall - we entered the line for Anna + Elsa. After meeting Belle this morning - Jonah was prepared for what was to come on this experience.

There is a photographer in this location & if you ask they will take photos with your phone as well.  Since I knew they would take care of the photos - I video taped most of the time on my cell. 

Anna + Elsa were so sweet to our little lady - she chatted it up, would play with their hair, look at their shoes, & outfits. She talked to them as if she has known them FOREVER!!! 

Fun Fact - Alessia made me put her hair in one braid right before we went in - Elsa asked if she knew why she only had 1 braid & Anna has 2? Alessia didn't know - Elsa said it's because Elsa was the first sister and Anna is the second. Alessia replied so Milania my sister would have three because I have 2 sisters. :) 

We then headed to eat at Pinocchio's Village Haus (quick service) - Jonah & I split the chicken parmesan with cesear salad & it was really good! Alessia got the PBJ + Yogurt, but was asleep in the stroller by the time we got the food. 

While sitting there I saw It's A Small World right next door & thought we should go on this now instead of doing it the next day since we are there & after looking on mydisney app there was only a 5 min wait (the app was great to see wait times on rides you don't have FP+ for).

We then decided to head home & as we made our way through Cinderella's castle we realized the electrical parade was about to start - of course 1 more thing to check off our list for the next day if we don't make it to this time tomorrow not a big deal we are here now! We parked the stroller front & center. Alessia was not in the mood she was tired & cold - along with a few other parents talking to their own kids - we told Alessia it's ok we will go home in a bit just enjoy the parade we are in DISNEY WORLD suck it up haha! 

Eventually Alessia was winning so much that Jonah gave her his sweatshirt & during the parade the seven dwarfs were driving by & one decided to poke fun at Jonah for acting like he had big muscles with his arm crossed - in turn he was actually freezing :). Alessia got a huge kick out of that.

Tinker bell pointed her wand at Alessia and she lit up like a Christmas Tree - when we met her the next day she told her all about it. We then headed home on the bus to the hotel. 



*I only brought my canon camera 1 time to the park to snap photos of Alessia in her #5 shirt - everything else is cell phone pictures edited with VSCO app.